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Colts Draft Picks

1948 Draft Picks

Information is given in the following order:
Round; Player; Position; College

1. Bobby Layne, B, Texas
2. William Garrett, T, Mississippi State
3. Earl Cook, G, SMU
4. Dan Sandifer, B, LSU
5. Joe Smith, E, Texas Tech
6. Gene Ruszkowski, T, Ohio
7. Jim Batchelor, B, East Texas State
8. Rex Olson, B, Brigham Young
9. Aubrey Fowler, B, Arkansas
10. Jack Fitch, B, North Caroline
11. Don Ettinger, T, Kansas
12. Paul Redfield, T, Colgate
13. Stan Magdziak, B, William & Mary
14. Dick Deranek, B, Indiana
15. Robert Norman, B, Washington & Lee
16. Charles Working, B, Washington & Lee
17. George Sparer, C, North Caroline
18. Rollin Prather, E, Kansas State
19. Norman Mosley, B, Alabama
20. Carmen Ragonese, B, New Hampshire
21. Bob Walker, B, Colorado Mines
22. Ray Borneman, B, Texas
23. Pete Tillman, C, Oklahoma
24. Robert Pfohl, B, Purdue
25. Lou Levanti, C, Illinois
26. Sam Zatkoff, E, Illinois
27. Harry Jagade, B, Indiana
28. Ben Bendrick, B, Wisconsin
29. Rex Grossman, B, Indiana
30. Dick Reinking, E. SMU

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