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Colts Draft Picks

1956 Draft Picks

Information is given in the following order:
Round; Player; Position; College

1. Lenny Moore, HB, Penn State
2. Dick Donlin, E, Hamline
3. Bob Pascal, HB, Duke
4. B.C. Inabinet, T. Clemson
5. Herb Gray, E, Texas
6. Don Schmidt, HB, Texas Tech
7. Bill Waters, T, Austin
8. Bill Koman, G, North Carolina
9. John Lewis, E, Michigan State
10. Gene Scott, HB, Centre
11. Dennis Shaw, E, North Texas State
12. Steve Myhra, G, North Dakota
13. Jack Hill, HB, Utah State
14. Ted Schwanger, HB, Tennessee Poly
15. John Polzer, LB, Virginia
16. Gene Hendrix, HB, Drake
17. Bill Danehauer, E, Emporia
18. Earl Looman, G, Stetson
19. Bob Fyvie, T, Lafayette
20. Bob Hill, FB, Jackson
21. Jim Harness, HB, Mississippi State
22. Pat Del Vicaro, G, Mississippi State
23. Al Stephenson, T, Idaho State
24. Bobby Fox, HB, East Texas State
25. Bradley Mills, HB, Kentucky
26. Jim Lohr, G, Southeastern Missouri
27. Herb Hartwell, HB, Virginia
28. John Shearer, QB, Shepherd
29. Jim Rusher, E, Kansas State
30. Terry Sweeney, HB, M. Tenn. State

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