Colts Draft Picks, 1965

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Colts Draft Picks

1965 Draft Picks

Information is given in the following order:
Round; Player; Position; College

1. Mike Curtis, FB-LB, Duke
2. Ralph Neely, T, Oklahoma
3. Glenn Ressler, G, Penn State
4. Dave Johnson, HB, San Jose State
4. Martin Schottenheimer, LB, Pitt
5. John McGuire, E, Syracuse
6. Al Atkinson, T, Villanova
6. Bob Felts, HB, Florida A & M
7. John Kolocek, T, Corpus Christi
8. Roosevelt Davis, T, Tennessee A & I
9. Tom Bleick, HB, Georgia Tech
10. George Harold, HB, Allen U
11. Lamar Richardson, E, Fisk U
12. Ted Radosovich, G, Cincinnati
13. Bruce Airheart, HB, North Dakota State
14. Jerry Fishman, LB, Maryland
15. Roy Hilton, E, Jackson State
16. Steve Tensi, QB, Florida State
17. Fred Reichardt, E, Wisconsin
18. Charley King, HB, Purdue
19. Barry Brown, E-LB, Florida
20. George Haffner, QB, McNeese State
20. Raymond Johnson, C, Prairie View

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