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The Colts Roster for 1949

Player & Position

Barwegan, Dick - Guard 
Bechtol, Hub - End
Beson, Warren - Center
Blandin, Ernie - Tackle
Cooper,  Ken - Guard
Cowan, Bob - Back
Davis, Lamar - End
Dellerba, Spiro - Back
French, Barry - Guard
Gambino, Lu - Back
Garrett, Bill - G uard
Grossman, Rex - Back
Jagade, Harry - Back
Jenkins, Jon- Tackle
Kelly, Bob - Back
Kingery, Wayne - Back
Leicht, “Jake” - Back
Leonard, Bill - End
Mellus, John - Tackle
North, John - End
Nowaskey, Bob - End
O’Rourke, Charles - Quarterback
Page, Paul - Back
Pfohl, Bob - Back
Prewitt, Felton - Center
Ruthstrom, Ralph - Back
Sidorik, Alex - Tackle
Spruill, Jim - Tackle
Stone, Billy - Back
Tillman, Al - Center
Tittle, Y.A. - Quarterback
Vacanti, Sam - Quarterback
Wedemeyer, Herman - Back
Williams, Win - End



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