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The Colts Roster for 1957

Player & Position

Ameche, Alan - Back
Berry, Raymond - End
Braase, Ordell- End
Call, John - Back
Campanella, Joseph - Tackle
Davidson, "Cotton" - Quarterback
Davis, Milton - Back
DeCarlo, Art - Back
Donovan, Art - Tackle
Dupre, Louis - Back
Eggers, Doug - Linebacker
Jackson, Ken - Tackle
Joyce, Don - End
Lipscomb, "Daddy" - Tackle
Marchetti, Gino - End
Moore, Henry - Back
Moore, Lenny - Back
Mutscheller, Jim - End
Myhra, Steve - Guard
Nelson, Andy - Back
Nutter, "Buzz" - Center
Nyers, Dick - Back
Owens, Luke - Tackle
Parker, Jim - Tackle
Patera, John - Guard
Pellington, Bill - Linebacker
Preas, George - Tackle
Pricer, Bill - Back
Rechichar, Bert - Linebacker/Back
Sandusky, Alex - Guard
Shaw, George - Quarterback
Shinnick, Don - Linebacker
Spinney, Art - Guard
Szymanski, Dick - Center
Taseff, Carl - Back
Thomas, Jesse - Back
Unitas, John - Quarterback
Womble, Royce - Back

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