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Welcome to the Colts Video Theatre

Interested in seeing movie clips of the Colts in action? Click on the links listed below for highlights from last season.

(Note: movie clips will load in a separate window.)


Video: (Week 1) Colts QB Peyton Manning ends a tough first game on a positive note with a 6-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Harrison to make it 24-15.
652K AVI | QuickTime

Video: (Week 2) The Colts avoid being shut out when Peyton Manning finds WR Terrance Small on a quick slant for a 3-yard score late in the fourth quarter.
431K AVI | QuickTime

Video: (Week 3) The Colts bring the 1st half of the game to a close with a 43-yard field goal by Mike Vanderjagt, making the score 27-3.
985K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 4) Marshall Faulk gave the Colts the lead 13-6 on the first play of the fourth quarter on this 78-yard scoring play from Peyton Manning.
1.43M avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 5) QB Peyton Manning and RB Marshall Faulk connect on a 20-yard touchdown to give the Colts an 8-0 lead early in the first quarter.
836K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 5) Kicker Mike Vanderjagt makes good on this 51-yard field goal attempt to extend the Colts lead to 14-6 in the fourth quarter.
1.09M avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 6) Peyton Manning finds Marvin Harrison for a 25-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter to cut the Bills lead to 31-24.
629K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 7) Rookie QB Peyton Manning threw 3 touchdown passes to Marvin Harrison on the day, including this 61-yard strike to put the Colts up 28-17 in the third quarter.
1.54M avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 9) Rookie QB Peyton Manning hits TE Marcus Pollard on a 15-yard scoring pass to pull the Colts to within 21-16 late in the fourth quarter.
985K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 10) Peyton Manning hits Ken Dilger on a 9-yard scoring pass to close the Dolphins' lead to 27-14 in the fourth quarter.
653K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 11) WR Marvin Harrison scores on this 38-yard pass from rookie QB Peyton Manning to cut the Jets' lead to 23-17 in the third quarter.
932K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 11) TE Marcus Pollard scores on a 14-yard pass from Peyton Manning with under a minute to play, giving the Colts a 24-23 come-from-behind victory.
1.25M avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 12) Peyton Manning hits Marvin Harrison on a 30-yard touchdown pass to close the Bills' lead to 34-11 in the fourth quarter.
1.08M avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 13) Marshall Faulk scores on a 60-yard run to put the Colts up 17-3 in the first quarter.
1.68M avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 14) Torrance Small scores on a 30-yard pass play from Peyton Manning to put the Colts up 14-0 in the first quarter.
841K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 15) Marshall Faulk rambles 16 yards for a touchdown to give the Colts a 7-0 lead in the first quarter.
931K avi | QuickTime

Torrance Small scores his second touchdown on a pass from Peyton Manning, as he runs in from 16 yards to extend the Colts' lead to 39-12 in the fourth quarter. The score gave Manning the record for touchdown passes by a rookie.
803K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 16) Peyton Manning hits Marcus Pollard on a 1-yard touchdown pass to give the Colts a 20-10 lead in the third quarter.
955K avi | QuickTime

Video: (Week 17) Peyton Manning hits Marcus Pollard for a 44-yard touchdown to give the Colts a 13-3 lead in the second quarter.
1.13M avi | QuickTime

Look for more video clips next season.

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