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The Personal Photo Gallery of Mike Devitt

Page Two

measfaulk.jpg (14382 bytes)

All right ... I had to include some pictures of me.  This one was taken during the 1997 preseason game against the Chargers.  The similarities between me and Marshall Faulk are unbelievable.


mike1b.jpg (4392 bytes) mike1.jpg (4283 bytes)

Showing my pride (and a certain lack of sanity) in being a Colts fan.

HolyfieldPie.jpg (15550 bytes)

Here's a pretty cool picture I found off of the Jim Rome website.

wnbahorses.jpg (19895 bytes)

Another picture from JimRome.com.  Nice profile of Rebecca Lobo, eh?

jerseygrover.jpg (10010 bytes)

Jersey Johnny and Grover, two of the best guys on Indianapolis radio.   Click here to listen to their show Sunday evenings on WIBC.

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