Mike Devitt's Personal Photo Gallery, Page 3

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The Personal Photo Gallery of Mike Devitt

Page Three: San Diego vs. Indianapolis, October 4, 1998

sandiego05.jpg (13913 bytes)

A nice view of the RCA Dome from the parking lot.

sandiego09.jpg (23182 bytes)

A capacity crowd of seven people floods their way into the Dome before the game.

sandiego11.jpg (24997 bytes)

Marshall Faulk (above) and Jason Belser currently grace the front of the RCA Dome, not Jimmy Orr and Eric Dickerson (as some "fans" think).

sandiego04.jpg (16543 bytes)

One of the may fans who tailgated before the game was this character, who sped around the parking lot in a souped-up golf cart stirring up the crowd.

sandiego08.jpg (22934 bytes)

Included in this picture are such Fan Forum legends as Dave Alban (dressed as Jerry Glanville), Jersey Johnny (in the white hat and jacket), Rod Kuehl (in that godawful pink moomoo) and Scott "The Burf" Burfeind (in the gray sweatshirt).

sandiego06.jpg (19291 bytes)

From left to right: Dave(Miami),  Jersey Johnny (and son Jack), Cheryl (Burf's girlfriend), Tracy, yours truly, and Rod Kuehl (in that same damn mauve shirt).

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