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Articles for Dynamic Chiropractic

In addition to my job duties as assistant editor at DC (under the watchful eye of Steve Kelly, the best editor I've worked for -- yes, Steve, the check's in the mail), I also have my own column called "Getting Started on the Internet."

The target audience of the column is supposed to be chiropractors who are not Internet-savvy, but these articles can provide information for anyone who's interested. As a result, I decided to post them online for all to see. I hope you find them useful.

Getting Started on the Internet

April 7, 1997 -- and
April 21, 1997 -- It Happens Every Spring: Sports Pages on the Web.
May 5, 1997 -- Progressive Networks and the Real Player.
May 19, 1997 -- Virtual Vacationing: Travel Pages on the Web.
May 31, 1997 -- Internet Telephony: Voice Communication on the World Wide Web.
June 16, 1997 -- Internet 101: Test Driving the Web. Part one of a five-part series on computers and the Net.
June 30, 1997 -- Internet 102: Buying the Right System for You.
July 28, 1997 -- Internet 103: Setting up Your PC.
August 11, 1997 -- Internet 104: Antivirus Protection for Your Computer.
August 25, 1997 -- Internet 105: Getting the Best out of Your BIOS.
September 22, 1997 -- Minding Your Manners Online: the Art of Netiquette.
October 20, 1997 -- Protecting Yourself on the Net, Part 1: "Cyberscams," Con Games and Fraud on the Internet.
December 1, 1997 -- Protecting Yourself on the Net, Part 2: Who Do You Trust? Privacy on the World Wide Web.

980518DC -- Keeping Your PC Trouble-Free, Part II. This part of the series review three online services that will help maintain your system's performance --, and

980504DC -- Keeping Your PC Trouble-Free, Part I.  The first in a three-part series, this article covers 3 software utility programs that can help your computer run more efficiently.

980309DC -- Error Messages.  A simple explanation of some of the more common error messages you may encounter on the Internet.

980223DC -- The Millennium Bug, Part II: Separating Fact from Fiction.  Here, we revisit the "millennium bug" problem and expose some of the myths surrounding the impact this problem will have.

980209DC -- Internet News Websites. This article reviews three websites --, Drudge Report and

980126DC -- Legislating the Web. This article is about upcoming legislation being presented in Congress and what the effects of each law will have on the Internet.

980112DC -- The Netly News. An article covering various Internet issues: micropayments, making the web accessible to disabled persons, and ranking computer vendors.

980101DC -- The Millennium Bug: Preparing Yourself for the Year 2000 Problem. The title here pretty much explains it all.


Net Terms

In addition to my column, I occasionally write small definitions about computer and Internet-related terms. To date, I've only written about a dozen, but there are a lot more on the way.

At Sign | Avatar | Boolean Search | Device Driver | Extension |
Full vs. Half Duplex | InterNIC | IRQ | Memory Measurements | Packet | Parallel | Platform | Plugin vs. Helper Application | Port | Protocol | Serial |
Sysop vs. Server |

Miscellaneous articles for DC

AAHP Opens AIDS Clinics in Chicago My first-ever story for Dynamic Chiropractic. I'll make sure to thank Steve Kelly after my first Pulitzer.
BJ Palmer Files
Domain Names
Internet Use Doubles in 18 Months
NCC Functional Foods Project
OAM Goes Online
Texas Law Gives Patients Right to Sue MCOs

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