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Other Colts Goodies

Included on this page are some miscellaneous Colts-related items I've found on the Internet. It's a small collection of stuff for now, but I'll post more items as I find them.

Screen Savers:

This is just a small sample of the Colts screen saver available from a company called HunterMedia, which produces some great NFL screen savers, icons, and other items for your computer's desktop.  You can also try SoftworldsFair for another Colts screen saver.

Colts Icons:

I currently have a small collection of 8 Colts icons for use on your computer's desktop.  There are a few variations on the football helmet; an icon of the "shoe"; a regular football, and even a couple old Baltimore Colts icons.  You can download them by clicking here.

The icons have been saved as a WinZip file, so you'll need a decompression program like WinZip or PKZip to open it.  You can get one of those programs at or

Colts Wallpaper:

I've also created a collection of 11 Colts images to use as wallpaper on your computer's desktop.  Most of them are taken from this site, although I've found about a half-dozen others around the Internet.  The images have been saved as bitmap files, which you can download and install in your "Windows" folder on your PC. You can get a copy of the files by clicking here.

Like the icons mentioned above, the bitmap images have been saved as a WinZip file, so you'll need a decompression program like WinZip or PKZip to open it.  You can get one of those programs at or

Other Colts Images:

To save these images to your hard drive, just click on your right mouse button, then hit "Save As," and give the file a name.  You can also save the helmet at the top of this page as wallpaper for your computer's desktop.


coltslogo6.gif (2173 bytes)

The big blue shoe we all know and love. Simple, yet elegant and timeless, and the essence of class -- just like the webmaster.

coltshelmet3.jpg (6081 bytes)

A nice picture of an official helmet.  Looks quite nice in the center of a user's desktop.

indyback3.gif (6292 bytes)

Another Colts helmet.  One of the best background images I've found on the 'Net so far.

Electronic Greeting Cards:

There's a company called PosterDepot that allows users to send electronic greeting card versions of some of the posters they sell.  One of them is the poster of Marshall Faulk you see below.

Faulkmaybenot.jpg (8590 bytes)

This is what the Marshall Faulk greeting card looks like.  It's taken from his old "Maybe ... Maybe Not" campaign from Nike.

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