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Welcome to the Colts Chat Room. This is a new, free service offered by a company called Chatway. It's a great little program that allows dozens of users to chat simultaneously, and only takes a few lines of HTML.

Chatway is a Java-based program.  That means that some users who view this site on AOL, WebTV, or older versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer may have difficulty participating in the chat.  In that case, it is suggested you upgrade your browser to a more current version.

The Colts Chat will be held here every Tuesday at 8:00 Indianapolis time.  To join the chat, just type in a nickname (all other information is strictly optional). Once you've entered a name, click the "Connect" button and you'll enter the chat room. To get a list of the options, click on the "Options and Actions" button below the list of user names.

That's it! I hope to see you all on Tuesday night.










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