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Legacy of the Blue and White:
The Colts Record Book

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Welcome to the Colts record book.  Here, you'll be able to find just about everything you'd ever want to know about the Colts.   It's simple: just choose from one of the links below to find what the information you're looking for.

The Colts Record BooK

Want won-loss records?  Click here.
Want team and individual statistics?  Click here.
Want to look at the team's draft history?  Click here.
Want to read about the Colts and their "Ring of Honor"?
Click here.
Want to look at the team's rosters from 1947 to the present?
Click here.
Want to look at career, single-season and single game records, as well as Colts trivia?  Click here.
Want to see a listing of every player who ever played for the Colts, as well as their uniform number and the years they played for the team?  Click here.

Colts History -- Articles

Want to read an early account of the team's exploits in Baltimore?
Click here.
Want to read a copy of "Descendants of the Mayflower," which gives reasons behind the team's move to Indianapolis?  Click here.
Want to read Part I of "The First Fifteen Years: A Chronicle of the Colts in Indianapolis," which gives highlights of the team from 1984-88?  Click here.

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